Anna’s Day and harvest home in Lithuania

On July 25, at 12.00 Open-Air Museum of Lithuania invites everyone to Anna Day and harvest home events that will take place in a farmstead of Aukštaitija, Mičiūnu. Bread will be baked, butter will be made, Annas will be congratulated, rye will be reaped and good health will be wished.


12.00 –Ceremony of the bread baking

12.30 –Congratulations and gifts to all Annas

13.00 –Demonstration of ancient harvest tools

13.15 –Reapers send-off to fields

13.30 –The ritual of the first bundle – “Regale of Harvest Beginning”

14.00 -Honour of the last bundle.

Wreath making at the end of work.

Ceremonial delivery of the wreath to the hosts.

15.00 –Regale of finishing the harvest: songs, dances, games, and regale




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