Curonian Spit could also be excluded from the UNESCO list

UNESCO is ready to exclude Curonian Spit from the World Heritage List. As the organization’s advisor of the general director Henry Juškj notes – to make any changes, it is necessary to consult the UNESCO experts. But the Russian side has not so far invited UNESCO experts to evaluate projects, which have aim to create tourist zone of Curonian Spit. Convention on protection of cultural and natural sites, which is signed by Lithuanian and Russian parties, is not respected as well.

Besides, a resort does not have to be created at the Curonian Spit, because there are many other good places for recreational facilities in Kaliningrad.

The Curonian Spit is a sandy peninsula that separates Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. Length of the Curonian Spit is 98 kilometres, including 48 kilometres that belongs to Russia, but the rest – Lithuania. The width of the spit varies from 400m to 3,800 m. This place is very diverse, i.e., from sandy beaches to woods. The Curonian Spit is home to the highest moving sand dunes in Europe (up to 60m). 72% of Curonian Spit is covered with forest.

It should be noted that the Curonian Spit has been included in the UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List in 2000, but in 2007 the Russian Federation made a decision on its adding to national parks, where a special tourist recreation zones should be formed. It is planned that on the Russian side 1.5 billion rubles from the state budget will be allocated for this purpose.




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