Air traffic above Vilnius on the Internet

Many enthusiasts of the aviation probably know a Swedish Internet service “flygradar”, which allows observing air traffic in real time.
The view above Lithuania has not been precise since now, as the traffic of airplanes has been observed from the radars constructed by Sweden and Denmark, and since December – from the radar constructed in Riga.
Last Wednesday, the radar equipped in the Vilnius airport was started to be used to observe a rather precise view of the airplane traffic above the territory of Lithuania on the Internet site of the Vilnius airport as well as on “”.
Thanks to the radar equipped at the Vilnius airport, it is possible to observe the precise view above Vilnius and approximately 250 km around Vilnius; therefore, it is possible to view the airplanes flying not only to the Vilnius airport, but also to the Kaunas airport. Furthermore, many transit airplanes that fly over the territories of Lithuania and Belorussia may be seen. Later, when the radar is intensified, it is planned that the range shall expand to 380-400 kilometers.




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