Seals, birds and wild boar in your living room

It is always best to admire the nature of Estonia first hand, but some animals and birds always remain hidden from us. Now you can take a look at the fauna of Estonia on the Internet as there are four web cameras that observe the lives of animals and birds.

Sea-TV (Boar TV) at the address which allows everyone to view the feeding ground of wild boar, has become very popular. There is always more to see when darkness falls. In addition to the boar, the camera has also caught some roe, raccoon dogs and other animals living in the woods. The website also gives access to live feed from a bird feeding house and another two cameras were added in the beginning of March.

The solar-powered camera set up in the Vilsandi National Park monitors grey seals who have just had their pups. Grey seals are quite noisy and they move around lot. The second new camera shows the activities of a white-tailed eagle couple nesting in Lääne County.

All broadcasts have been arranged in such a manner that they do not disturb the animals and birds.

Watch wild animals:




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