Active year 2017 at LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

Active year 2017 at LVM Nature Park in Tērvete
The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete – one of the most favourite tourism attractions in Latvia and in Baltic countries – covers a territory that is larger than 1200 ha. Each year the large and exciting fairytale land renovates the existing infrastructure and creates new objects – both wooden sculptures and playgrounds for active recreation. In year 2017 the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete was visited by 146.5 thousand tourists. We thank you all for relaxing and finding inspiration in nature!

The number of visitors year after year is stable, in spite of the unsteady weather, which is an important factor in nature tourism. For the fifth year the number of visitors in the Nature Park exceeds 100 thousands. Active recreation tourists were able to take part in 33 organised events and go on long hikes enjoying the seasonal character of the picturesque pine forest, whereas, children from educational institutions could learn forest wits in the educational programme “Learning about Forests”. Considerable part of visitors of LVM Nature Park in Tērvete was guests from abroad. The number of foreign tourists yet again has exceeded 40 % of the total number of visitors. They have travelled from all over the world – Germany, Russia, Philippines, United States of America, South Korea and other countries, but of course, the largest number of foreign tourists in the Nature Park is from our neighbours Lithuania.

The regular guests of the park have noticed that Nature Park continues to grow and develop year after year. And plenty of new things have been created also in year 2017! Last year the construction of three new districts in the dwarf town Čiekure have been started, in the spring of year 2018 the Carpenters’ and Weavers’ Districts and the Canteen House will open their doors, the Mushroom Forest's mushroom exposition has been renovated, new stairs with 94 steps has been built, in the Fairytale Forest a new image has been given to the Dog Snout family, in the kingdom of Forest Witch swings of the wonder broom have been built and apartments for the Forest Witch. Anta, Nature Park in Tērvete visitor from Talsi, in the questionnaire has shared her thoughts from the visit – “The last time I was here was in year 1988 on 2 April, and much has been done. Attractive, clean, beautiful! Everything is so imaginative, you have thought about everyone – what and where to look, participate and enjoy the good thoughts and work of yours.” We will continue to grow to surprise and bring joy!

Tourism destination’s attractive activities cannot be imaginable without captivating story tellers, fairytale characters and a possibility to participate. The most popular event in the Nature Park was the Walpurgis Night – when number of tourists reached a one day visitor record in the history of the park – 5842 people. Weddings, birthdays and even kindergarten graduations have been celebrated in the forest.

The Nature Park in Tērvete has become not only one of destinations for school excursions, but is developing also into a children and youth forest environment education centre. During the year, recreation in nature has been combined with educational excursions in the Green Classroom, with activities of Forest expeditions, educational hikes and summer camps, where almost 6.5 thousand students and teachers have learned about the ecosystem and management of forest, have participated in various practical nature education tasks. The environmental education specialists of the park have always strived to create interesting and exciting lesson for specific age groups.

LVM Nature Park in Tērvete – a miraculous and active recreation for any age!


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