Historical activities in Geidanmois, Āraiši

The historical activities in Geidanmois are developed to encourage the understanding of the medieval history of Livonia through empiric, personal experience. We all know well that we can learn things by reading, watching and listening, but even more effectively – by experiencing. Thus the guests are offered a unique chance to try out those actions which, perhaps, one would know only from films and novels. What and how is it – to throw a javelin, an axe, knife, to hunt with bow and arrows, to sling, to operate a medieval siege engines; attack a fortification with a ram and siege tower. What is a sword – is it a decoration, iron bar or, perhaps – the king of the close combat weapons? How to fight with a pike and – what is worth a man on a field? What is the weight of the XIV century suite of armor, is it possible to move dressed in it, what is the difference between the armament of a cavalryman and a foot soldier and why? In terms of academic knowledge, ten years of training and empiric experience ,experienced people will help you to find the answers and discover your own ability to be precise, focused in action, strong and daring.

To each guest Geidanmois offers:

  • javelin-throwing;
  • hunt of the wild boars;
  • duck hunt (bow-shooting at a moving target);
  • throwing of battle knives;
  • axe-throwing;
  • slinging;
  • battle run in full battle armor;
  • the basic training of the swordsmanship;
  • the battle-skills training circuit;
  • medieval gambling games;
  • operating siege equipment;
  • horse-riding and photographing in the armor of a Livonian men-at-arms

Geidanmois also operates as living and interactive museum of historical reenactment in Livonia, offering you retrospective video tours in different reenactment events, provided by professional comments and explanations that help to clarify the very idea of reenacted history and the different sides of the reconstructed action.

One special request:

  • the miracles of medieval Livonian cookery art, as much and how much do you ever imagine!




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