Boating carnival in the Gauja River

The city of Valmiera (northeastern Latvia) will open the summer season on May 10, when the Brenguļi Brewery beer garden will see off the start of the fourth annual "Abuls-Gauja" boating carnival.

The boating carnival is the largest and most colorful of its kind in Latvia, which connects two breweries "Valmiermuiža" and "Brenguļi", two local governments, as well as two horse breeders. Every year, the organizers of the event announce a special theme for the decoration of boats.

For example, last year, the theme of the carnival was "floating horses", which affectionately became known by participants and locals as the "horse swimming championships".

On the merry boat route, participants will be cheered on with songs, dance, congratulatory chants, as well as other lively activities taking place on both sides of the river. Participants will be able to "compete" in various categories, where they will be judged by their speed and even how joyous they are.

The boat carnival will begin at the "Brenguļi Brewery" and will end at the Gauja River dock in central Valmiera. The event will then continue with a picnic and entertainment program at the Valmiermuiža Manor Park outside "Valmiermuiža" brewery.

Latvia is a water-rich country, with hundreds of rivers, lakes, and, of course, the sea. Not without the reason, water tourism is very popular in Latvia. It is not only unforgettable entertainment in a good company of friends, but also a great opportunity to enjoy magnificent nature and to experience exciting adventures. Latvia has 777 rivers exceeding 10 km and 17 rivers, the length of which is more than 100 kilometers.




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