Spring Equinox celebration and fair «Savour the Flavour at Valmiermuiza»

Neighbours from far and wide meet at the Spring Equinox to wish one another good luck and with songs, games, traditional rituals and, of course, splendid feast celebrate victory of light over darkness.

This celebration will gather local producers and craftsmen, who will bring along tasty goods and first greens, as well as locally produced items – all displayed in a festive fair. Rich culture programme with dances and games will be prepared for the visitors of the fair. The fair and celebration “Savour the Flavour at Valmiermuiža” is held eight times a year, honouring Latvian annual customs.

Where? Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiermuiža, Valmieras pagasts, Burtnieku novads

When? 11:00 - 15:00, 18.03.2017

Valmiermuiža craft brewery

“Valmiermuiža craft brewery” is a craft, manor brewery on the outskirts of Valmiera, where beer is slow-brewed using ingredients of the highest grade.

Truly “live” and natural beer is made according to carefully selected recipes that will be appreciated by any gourmand! While visiting Valmiermuiža, find out how manor’s rich history has influenced the brewing process, and how to savour beer like a true lord of the manor.




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