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Kolonāde. Mūsu stāsti
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Philosophy and working principles

Kolonāde is our story about each other or Latvians. About what is important to us, beloved, once expected or happened. About what is now or will be. And we have a lot of – rain and sun behind a window, unique values – the Freedom Monument, the famous dating place "Laima", the Old Riga with streets polished and whispered through many years, dreams, memories, longings and of course, meals. All that is felt in almost unobtrusive manner but in a close and perceptible story that we express through modern Latvian menu by Māris Jansons, a chef recognized in Latvia, a video stand, every material which is used in interior and with every though which is contributed by out entrepreneur, craftsman, artist or just Latvian. Come and take this story you too! Because putting together word by word, spice by spice and feeling by feeling, Kolonāde will create such story about Latvians which will be heard by ourselves, passers, guests, the whole world and may be even the future. Therefore listen, taste and tell you too!
Brīvības bulvāris 26, Rīga, LV-1050

rezervacija @kolonade.lv

Kolonāde, Mūsu stāsti, Brīvības Piemineklis