Paldiski wild coast in Estonia - Instagram worth trip

Summer is going big steps ahead - those who want to get out of Latvia have a great opportunity to go on a trip to neighboring countries or beyond in August. Four hours by car from Riga and get to a completely different reality - the rock-covered and historically rich city of Northern Estonia, Paldiski. The wild Baltic Sea coast has earned recognition among Instagram travelers, who capture unforgettable views of the Paldiski cliff *. In addition, the journey may not stop - from Paldiski it is possible to take a ferry to Kapelskar in Sweden, which attracts travelers with unspoilt coastal landscapes and charming fishing villages.

Entering Estonia

From Latvia you can get to Estonia both by car and plane, to some cities also by train. Latvia is currently on the "green list", so when entering Estonia from it, self-isolation does not have to be observed. In turn, in order not to observe self-isolation when returning to Latvia, a digital Covid-19 certificate is required, which confirms that the traveler has received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine, has recovered from Covid-19, or the test result is negative. The certificate will also be useful if you allow yourself to be tempted and decide to go from Paldiski by ferry to Sweden. It is important to note that travel conditions may change depending on the epidemiological situation in the country, so before going abroad, it is necessary to check the entry conditions on the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Latvian Center for Disease and Prevention.

For nature lovers and lovers of photo moments

From the sea side there is a view of Pakri cliff and its shores, Paldiski is also the highest lighthouse in Estonia (Pakri lighthouse). As the rock wall was naturally collapsing, and the lighthouse built during the reign of Peter I was too close to the edge of the rock, it had to be demolished. The stone lighthouse currently under consideration was built in 1889 and is located 80 meters from the previous one. The coast is wild and beautiful, in addition, the opportunity to take fantastic photos from the top of the lighthouse.

The wind of history today

Paldiski delights not only with Scandinavian nature, but also with amazing sights that have survived from Soviet times. Dramatic changes in the history of the city of Paldiski were brought about by the Soviet occupation of Estonia, which in 1962 made the city a closed military base with a highly secret training center with two nuclear submarine reactors. To keep them secret, the whole peninsula was closed with barbed wire. Today, the town is open, and after enjoying the coastal wind, it is possible to take refuge in the popular pub "Peetri Toll", which shows the mixture of Estonian, Russian and Baltic German culture in the city's history. Several centuries ago, when Peter I founded the Baltic port, there was also a customs point in this building, where traders declared goods.

Indulge in the charm of the sea

If you want to have a relaxing experience, listen to the sounds of the waves and watch the stars from the ship's deck, Paldiski also offers it. A convenient way to continue your journey is to travel to Sweden by DFDS ferry on the Paldiski-Kapelskara route. Just about 90 km from the capital Stockholm, this Swedish town is a destination for many holidaymakers to spend their weekends in the fresh air - on the beach, in holiday homes in nature, visiting the local museum (Hembygdsmuseum) or enjoying the peace of quiet fishing villages.

Reservations for the trip to Kapelskar can also be made on the day of travel (no later than 7 hours before departure) and the ferry departs from the nearby port of Paldiski. In the northern port of Paldiski, the ferry company DFDS in cooperation with the Confido Medical Center provides an opportunity to perform a rapid coronavirus test. “For the convenience of passengers, we have set up a test point with our partners. The check lasts 15-30 minutes and a certificate in English is sent to passengers by e-mail. The checkpoint receives not only DFDS passengers - it can be used by both residents and other passengers, ”says Vaidas Klumbis, DFDS Communications Manager in the Baltic States.

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