Creative workshop "Special abilities of animals" at Riga Zoo

On November 12 and 13, from 12 to 15 o'clock, everyone is invited to the artistic workshop "Special Abilities of Animals" being directed by artist Aija Putniņa in the Latvian Amphibian and Reptile Hall of the Riga Zoo. In their drawings, participants will have the option to give living things fantastic and realistic superpowers.

Numerous animals in the Riga Zoo have unique abilities that help them outmatch rivals for food, housing, and safety. For instance, snakes can sense infrared light, allowing them to pursue warm-blooded creatures like rodents even in complete darkness. Additionally, they can feel an adversary approaching with their entire body due to ground vibrations. Another reptile, the chameleon, may alter its skin tone depending on its mood as well as the colors in its surroundings. Additionally, they have the ability to stare directly ahead with each eye and can quickly shoot out their tongue to catch an insect. A camel in the desert can experience fast temperature changes of several degrees without any negative health effects. This is made possible by the erythrocytes' unique form. However, ants can lift objects that are at least 10–50–100 times heavier than the lifters themselves, making them even more powerful than Bearclaw! Researchers are particularly curious as to why the naked mockingbirds, which dwell close to the meerkats in the Terrarium building of our zoo, are uniquely able to avoid developing oncological diseases. However, hidden abilities aren't always so hidden. For instance, black-and-white striped zebras simply need to congregate in sizable groups to utterly fool any predator who can no longer tell one animal from another by shape.

The ability to study animals, be interested in their rhythms, and dress appropriately for the weather are just a few of the abilities that zoo visitors possess. Then, going to see the animals is delightful and full of fun.
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