Celebrating the 700th anniversary of Vilnius

In 2023, Lithuania will celebrate a historic event – the 700th anniversary of Vilnius! The time leading up to this jubilee offers you a unique opportunity to discover the legacy built over many centuries, listen to impressive stories and celebrate the future of the city. Spread the news about Vilnius' anniversary around the world!

The beginning of the city

Vilnius was born out of a dream that soon became a vision. Grand Duke Gediminas’ dream of an Iron Wolf howling was a prophecy, according to the sage Lizdeika. The future city was destined to make Lithuania’s name famous worldwide. The birth of Vilnius is surrounded by legends that live within its walls to this day. A castle soon emerged along the Neris and Vilnele rivers – the surviving tower is still the most recognizable symbol of the city today. The values ​​that Vilnius has been famous for have also persisted. Freedom, respect and tolerance have been part of Vilnius’ DNA since its beginnings when people from various cultural and religious backgrounds came to build the city.

Built on this foundation, Vilnius has easily adapted to a changing world and became open to scientific, artistic and cultural innovations. Today, the first traces of the city’s history are in harmony with modern achievements in its streets. The sage Lizdeika was right – the Grand Duke Gediminas created a city that is indeed famous, even after 700 years.

Let's celebrate together

Vilnius was first mentioned in 1323 when Grand Duke Gediminas wrote letters inviting foreign merchants and craftsmen to come to the city. In celebrating its anniversary, we hope to share the beauty and history of Vilnius with people from all around the world. One day is simply not enough to celebrate such an important milestone anniversary, so let’s start celebrating now.

This will give you more time to get acquainted with the different layers of the city’s culture and history. Unconventional initiatives, interactive events and unique solutions are waiting for you in various spaces across Vilnius.

You can also contribute to making Vilnius’ name more popular. Give the city a gift – offer your ideas of how to make the celebration even more special. Experience the spirit of the old city legend and spread the message of the 700th anniversary of Vilnius.

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