Since January 11, SAS resumes flights from Vilnius airport

Scandinavian airlines SAS today starts regular flights from Vilnius International airport to Copenhagen. SAS passengers between the capitals of Lithuania and Denmark shall be carried twice a day, and 14 times a week in total.

„SAS was the first international airline company which started regular flights from Vilnius to the capital of Denmark in 1992. Carrying passengers from Lithuania to the capital of Denmark for seventeen years, we can assert that this route is extremely popular for a convenient communication with more than 30 countries of the world via this airport”, Head of theSAS representing company, Rūta Jucienė, says.

According to R.Jucienė, after resuming flights from Vilnius airport, Scandinavian airlines shall further make regular flights from Palanga airport to Copenhagen. Since 25 October, 2009, SAS has been making 19 flights per week to the Danish capital from this airport. Since 11 January, 2010, the Scandinavian airlines SAS shall make 33 flights per week from Lithuania to Copenhagen in total.

Flight time of the route Vilnius-Copenhagen-Vilnius shall be especially convenient for those who have business trips to Copenhagen: if departed at 6:30 in the morning from Vilnius airport (local time), it shall be possible to return back in the evening of the same day, as the plane takes off at 20:55 (local time). The flight times shall be also convenient for those who shall sel ect Copenhagen as a stop to reach destination in other Scandinavian, European countries or even further ones.

„Almost 70 per cent of Lithuanian passengers who choose Copenhagen as an intermediary stop, travel to London, Dublin, Munich, Brussels and other European directions, also, we observe an increasing interest in long-haul directions. Among the most popular routes there are New York, Peking, and Bangkok“, R.Jucienė says.

The flights fr om Vilnius airport to Copenhagen shall be carried out by new 88-seat „Bombardier” airplanes „CRJ900 NextGen“. It is the most efficient airplane model of its class which exhausts less carbon dioxide to the environment compared to other airplanes of this category. „CRJ900 NextGen” that shall fly to Vilnius airport, is much more convenient for passengers. New generation seats are mounted there in the cabin, the baggage cupboards above the passenger seats are bigger, the windows are wider, and there is a new lighting system installed.

With the resumed flights SAS, shall offer passengers Economy, Economy Extra, and Business classes. Registration for all SAS flights shall be free of charge; passengers of the Economy and Economy Extra classes will be able to take a 20 kg baggage, and Business class passengers will be able to take a 30 kg baggagefree of charge.

Overall, in 2010, SAS shall start four new routes and carry out more flights in current directions. Among the new routes there are flights toLyon (France), Bardufoss (Norway) and Visby (Sweden). Since 1 February, SAS shall make 13 flights per day between Copenhagen and Stockholm (in the meantime, there are 12 flights per day), and between Copenhagen and Oslo (now there are 12 flights per day). Since 6 April, with one more daily flight added, SAS shall fly five times a day between Copenhagen and Brussels, and flights between Copenhagen and Bologna shall be made twice a day.



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