Giant snow sculptures pop up after snowstorm in Lithuania: from octopuses to an ice Ferrari

30 mind-blowing photos of snow sculptures in Lithuania, made by ordinary people after a heavy snowstorm.

Lithuanians don’t get heavy snowfall every winter, but when they do, they get really creative. After the country was hit by a snowstorm on Wednesday causing traffic disruptions, sunken roofs and a snow cover of 30 centimetres, people were quick to start sculpting. Surprisingly, a 4-meter tall snowman was just the beginning of it all.

Giant octopuses, sharks, penguins, owls and big-toothed seals presented themselves in the most unusual of places, including the fairy-tale-like Vilnius Old Town. A cute Minion holding a bouquet, a human-size teddy-bear, sitting comfortably with a barrel of honey, a Pikachu with a Pokémon ball and other fantasy characters made it into the snowy collection as well. Some people even started building big Coronaviruses out of snow hoping that they will vanish from the Earth once the sun melts them. And one woman from the town of Panevėžys even built her dream car – a brand new ice Ferrari.

Last winter, Lithuania barely had any snow, and it came back with double the force in 2021, unexpectedly inspiring everyone. Great attention to detail makes it hard to believe that some of these creations were built by amateurs and not by known ice sculptors. With the thermometer marking a mild sub-zero temperature, the texture of the snow stays perfect for such exciting projects.

Earlier this month, a Lithuanian girl gained more than 1.8 million likes on Tik Tok by showing how she left scary face marks in the snow piles next to her doorstep. This hilarious video presents how the imagination of Lithuanians truly exceeds all expectations when it comes to the long-awaited winter fun.

Check out the pictures below and let yourself be inspired! Lithuania Travel wants to remind everyone that creativity cannot be hidden under a mask and what is real will always remain to be beautiful.



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