The tourist season in Birštona does not end: for visitors - orientation cycling games, a ferry across the Nemunas and a silent disco

The past warm summer season should not dampen the desire to travel, discover and move around Lithuania even more actively. With the onset of autumn, Birštonas invites active recreation enthusiasts to try various activities, including the very popular toboggan run and climbing tower, as well as orienteering cycling games, a ferry across the Nemunas and a silent disco, which will start on the weekend.

"In Biršton, the tourist season lasts all year, so when autumn comes, we do not slow down and invite the community and guests to discover many activities for healthy movement and active recreation. Excellent city infrastructure, bicycle paths and attractive routes that extend to neighboring municipalities, through the Nemunas loops or near the mounds, the longest toboggan run and the highest observation tower in Lithuania - we certainly have something to offer for the cool weather period as well," assures Rūta Kapačinskaitė , director of the Birštonas Tourism Information Center.

September 16 An orienteering bicycle game starts in Birštonas municipality square, during which the participants will have to find 10 objects with hidden words based on the task sheets and maps they received. The three fastest will be awarded with prizes useful to cyclists. The rest will not return empty either. This game will take place throughout the week, encouraging residents and guests of the resort to use bicycles more often, because Biršton has excellent conditions for this. According to the length of bicycle paths per 1 thousand population, Birštonas ranks first among other Lithuanian municipalities.

For those who like to walk or run, September 17-19. special routes are offered along the paths of the Žvērinčius forest, when it will be possible to run or briskly count wood sculptures and other natural monuments. An ensemble of ten wood sculptures created on the theme of animals and hunting decorates the bicycle and pedestrian path of Žvērinčius forest and attracts the eyes of passers-by. The century-old Žvērinčius oak was also one of the biggest tourist attractions until recently. According to legend, Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania rested under its branches during hunting. However, in 2005 during Hurricane Ervin, the 1.8 m diameter and 15 m tall old man lay down on the forest moss to rest and rests there to this day. The forest has a circular 12 km long asphalted pedestrian and bicycle path, recreation areas and training grounds.

For those who haven't tried it yet, the newest and hottest entertainment in Birštonas is sledding on the "Birštonas fun mountain" track. The longest and most extreme 600 m toboggan run in Lithuania, which opened just a month ago, still attracts huge interest and influx of speed enthusiasts on weekends, so it is offered to try out tobogganing on weekdays and evenings as well.

Lovers of heights will enjoy the climbing tower "Smagu lipti!" installed this summer. It is a 12-meter climbing tower with 7 walls and as many as 26 different routes. It combines three sports disciplines related to mountains: speleology, mountaineering and glacier climbing techniques, which can be tried in both summer and winter seasons. If this height turns out to be too low, you can climb to Birštonas observation tower, the highest in Lithuania. The observation deck of the tower is located at a height of 45 m, and the height of the entire tower is even 55 m. After climbing the 300 steps of the tower, a stunning panorama opens up to the visitors - the loops of the largest river in Lithuania - the Nemunas.

On September 22, according to the usual schedule, the Birštonas passenger ferry will take Birštonas and visitors across the Nemunas for free. He will meet the passengers at the usual place, near the "Tulpė" sanatorium, and take them to the other side of the bank and back.

On September 23, at 8 p.m., a silent disco will be held in the Birštonas cultural center, inviting everyone to have fun with like-minded people and a DJ, wearing wireless headphones adapted to dance and movement. Part of the events taking place on September 16-22. in Biršton, there are European Mobility Week initiatives aimed at encouraging local authorities in European countries to introduce and popularize sustainable means of transport and to encourage residents to try alternatives to car transport and use greener means of transport. More information about the European Mobility Week and other events in Biršton can be found here .



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