Estonian cultural holiday campaign has started in Lithuania

A campaign has started that introduces Estonia as an exciting and diverse tourism destination, the purpose of which is to invite Lithuanians to spend their holiday in Estonia. The campaign's message "Do you like spending your time culturally? Then you'll love Estonia!" introduces authentic experiences and tourism products in Estonia.

In the words of Tarmo Mutso, director of the Estonian Tourist Board of Enterprise Estonia, the newly launched campaign focuses on introducing the smallest of the Baltic States to Lithuania. "We believe that Lithuanians want to know more about the culture of Estonia and to also be a part of the various cultural events. Therefore, we bring forth specifically, within the framework of the campaign, those events which are worth partaking in whilst being in Estonia," Mutso stated, describing the structure of the campaign.

Mutso added that next year the title of European Capital of Culture will arrive to Tallinn and in the summer, Tartu will organise the biggest folk arts festival, Europeade, which shall inject even more vitality into Estonian cultural life. "In the capital as well as elsewhere in Estonia, once-off events as well as those that have become a tradition will take place - festivals, concerts, and fairs, and in taking part one is able to turn one's holiday into something exciting and memorable," said Mutso.

Within the framework of the campaign one can obtain travelling recommendations and cultural holiday ideas for Estonia through the traditional media channels as well as from hand-distributed brochures in the bigger shopping centres. Additional information about the campaign can be found on the webpage:

According to Mutso, Lithuanians are positively inclined to travel to Estonia because driving here is convenient for them and they very often make the journey in their own car. Lithuanians are amongst the first ten nationalities that spend the night in Estonian accommodation establishments. "I believe that the newly launched campaign will further increase the number of Lithuanian tourists travelling to Estonia, assist them in discovering the culture here, and offer them the opportunity to partake in the various recreational and cultural events," added Mutso.

The campaign organised by the Estonian Tourist Board of Enterprise Estonia will run from the 11th of October to the 7th of November.

Last year 33,441 Lithuanian tourists spent the night in accommodation establishments in Estonia, down 19% on 2008. During the months January through to August 2010, 20,190 Lithuanian tourists spent the night in Estonia. The majority of Lithuanian tourists - 70% - were on a repeat visit. Based on the data from 2008, 41% of Lithuania's inhabitants, aged 15-74 years, have visited Estonia.

The campaign promoting Estonia as a tourism destination has been made possible with support from the European Regional Development Fund.



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