On the 19-22 May 2011 International Hansa days will be held in Kaunas

On the 19-22 May 2011 International Hansa days will be held in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania for which this festival is the greatest in its history. The hosts of the event are expecting guests from nearly 100 cities.
Intensifies European unity
The old Hansa Union – Hansa league was actively functioning in the XIII- XVI ages.It united about 200 European cities. This was not only a trade organization. Hansa league emphasized the importance of the self-governence of the cities, humanism, sociality and mutual assistance.
The above principles were supported by a New Hansa Union establshed in 1980 .This organizaton, comprising 176 cities of the Baltic region, attempts to adapt the values and experience of the old Hansa league in developing economic and cultural unity of Europe.

The International Hansa days are organized every year in one of the New Hansa cities. The event attracts thousands of guests from various countries of Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Island, Latvia, Estonia, Russia. The program of the festival consists of cultural events, crafts fairs, presentations of cities, forums, seminars.

Kaunas in 1918-1940 was the interim capital of Lithuania and the only city of Hansa. Starting from 1992 the city is actively participating in the New Hansa union as well. On the 19-22 May 2011 Kaunas will host the International Hanza days.

More than 100 events
The guests from more than 100 European cities are expected to the International Hansa days in Kaunas. This will be the largest festival in the history of Kaunas and one of the greatest in Lithuania.

100 events will run on for 4 days: An Old Medieval fair will proceed with crafts alley, the market of Flowers, Bread, Cheese, Meet, Fish, Vegetables, Rummage will open.The Grand tournament of European knights – the duels of warriors organized for the first time in Lithuania,air balloos records fiesta, Medieval carnival,an international plener of artists, fire performance above two rivers, the forum of economy

One of the worlds famous Medieval music groups „Corvus Corax“ (Germany). is invited as well.
At the same time the following 7 International festivals representing Kaunas: will be held:“Kaunas Jazz”, “Music festival of Pažaislis” (classics), “Operetta in Kaunas castle” (opera and operetta), Folk festival “Suklegos”, “Pipe up to Kaunas” (reed), “Kaunas canto” (sacral music), Boys and youths as well as choir music festivals.
About half a million of visitors are expected in Kaunas International Hansa days. That's why the possibility of taking tourists to this festival by special flights is under consideration.

Feast day and night
The Kaunas city hall will be circled by a few rings of Medieval market tents.Guests will sell crafts, cuisine specialities, advertise their cities.

There will be 7 stages in the old town. The biggest – on the confluence, where the world famous Medieval music group‘s „Corvus Corax“ (Germany) concert will be held. 12 information huts will help in orientating festival participants.Leaflets with the event program and map as well as other editions about Kaunas will be available. Organizers will attempt to make the city live at night. The museums are expected to work till 2 a.m.all four days. The safety will be ensured by additional police forces. Public transport will operate during all night.

The organizers of the 31st International Hanseatic days are Kaunas City Municipality and Public enterprise „Hanza Kaunas 2011“.

The Patron of the festival is the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė.



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