Art work Kultūra (Culture) by Gintaras Karosas presented in Europos Parkas

The new art work Kultūra (Culture) created by sculptor Gintaras Karosas was presented to the public in Europos Parkas on Sunday, July 29.

Kultūra (Culture) is a huge work attributable to landscaping art, which is spread out in an expressive museum, with an area of more than one hectare, in the open air. Five sculptural forms of bright colours, whose contours are reminiscent of silhouettes of an iceberg, mountain or architectural object, as if melt and re-emerge in the nature, forming a sequence completed with elements of wildlife. Weaving sculptural forms, which rise to a height of nearly eight metres, are built up of several hundred thousand small pieces of marble. This exclusive work of art was constructed in Europos Parkas by a team of 7 craftsmen for as long as three years.


Sculptor Gintaras Karosas says that the concept of culture is very broad: “The term of culture can be defined by words easier than by forms. However, when you have gained experience, it is the time when visions mature and you want to speak about basic matters of human life. For me, culture first of all means meaningful traces of the past and present of the man, which have been built up piece by piece by the humankind. Culture is paradoxical: as strong as a foundation, but also fragile and endangered; appearing to be clear, but difficult to depict; as monumental as a mountain, but also as misleading as a labyrinth”.

Gintaras Karosas is a laureate of the National Advancement Award (2006) and the founder of Europos Parkas and Liubavas Museums. He is the author of the landscaping and architecture as well as of many works of art of Europos Parkas, a 55 ha open-air museum. At the age of 19, he started to create Europos Parkas in a neglected forest not far from Vilnius, thus giving a meaning to the idea of the geographical centre of Europe in Lithuania that was not known to many people at that time. This year, the Liubavas Manor Watermill Museum won the top prize for the conservation of the European cultural heritage. G. Karosas is also the author of photographs, articles, and books as well as a researcher of Liubavas Manor.

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