Traditional Japanese music concert

The Embassy of Japan in Lithuania would like to invite you to explore the world of traditional Japanese music. Tomoya Nakai, the artist and composer of 25-string koto instrument, is going to perform in Vilnius and Marijampolė on November 10th and 11th. It is going to be a unique opportunity to listen to a Japanese music instrument, which is similar to Lithuanian instrument kanklės.
Tomoya Nakai started playing koto from the age of six. He studied traditional Japanese music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music and is one of the very few male koto performers. Nakai creates his own original music, which expresses his extraordinary style which consists of a variety of traditional and contemporary music elements. Nakai composes his works based on classic Japanese literature, traditional performance and myths from all over the world, which not only touches the hearts of the audience, but also soothes their minds. Being able to demonstrate wide range of functional styles of koto, Nakai also explores the scope of its artistry. The audience will be captivated by the expression and mastery of this remarkable performance and the delicate music presentation.
Almost everyone in Japan knows about koto instrument, however, only few Japanese seriously engage in playing it. Koto, which was brought to Japan from China in VI century, was one of the Gagaku manor music instruments and had 13 strings. Now this new version of koto has 25 strings which enables to expand its musical variety.
Nakai has made it his life-work to express the charm of this traditional music instrument, and has performed widely abroad e.g. Europe, America and Asia.
Nakai collaborates with several artists from various musical genres. This time he is also going to appear on stage in Vilnius together with Ms. Lina Žilinskaitė, a young and professional performer of kanklės instrument and a student from Lithuania Theater and Music Academy. The audience will be amazed by the Japanese and Lithuanian traditional folk music interpretation played by both musicians. This exceptional musical synergy of two different cultures will be carried out in Vilnius, while in Marijampolė Nakai will have a solo performance, where he will not only introduce the audience with traditional Japanese folk music, but will also present his original works.

About the concerts:
November 10th (Tuesday), 18.00
St. Catherine church (Vilniaus str. 30, Vilnius)

November 11th (Wednesday), 18.00
Hotel Mercure Marijampolė (J.Basanavičiaus str. 8, Marijampolė)

The entrance is free.
No in advance registration is needed.

Japonijos ambasada Lietuvoje
Contact the Embassy of Japan for more events organized by the embassy: (8-5) 231 04 65, [email protected]



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