In January, 132,546 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport

In January, 132,546 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport, which is nearly five times more than a year ago. The number of passengers was 65% of the number before the crisis.

According Chief Commercial Officer of Tallinn Airport Eero Pärgmäe, the beginning of the year has always been a low season in terms of travel, but this January’s results were slightly lower than forecast. “The extensive spread of Omicron and the resulting new wave have led to a drop in demand and, consequently, a sparser flight schedule. The passenger load factor of regular flights in January was modest with 52% on average,” said Pärgmäe, but added that January’s result is still very good considering the current situation. “Airlines should also be praised for not cancelling flights lightly despite low demand, but still flying to their full capacity and thus helping to maintain destination diversity.”

However, Pärgmäe emphasised that many EU countries have started easing restrictions, which will hopefully have a positive impact on the number of passengers and flight operations. “We are optimistic about spring and we certainly expect a boom in travel in spring and summer,” added Pärgmäe. “A snowy winter is great, but we need to recharge our batteries in the sun at some point, and there is a growing demand for package holidays, as well as for regular flights to sunny destinations.”

There were regular flights to 33 different destinations in January. The most popular direct flights were to major hubs such as Helsinki, Frankfurt, Riga and Stockholm, which were used by a third of all passengers. Regular flights were operated by 12 airlines, the largest of which were Air Baltic with 22% and Ryanair with 20% of the market. Charter flights took holidaymakers to Egypt and the Canary Islands.

A total of 2,582 flight operations took place in January, an average of 83 landings and take-offs per day.
Tallinn Airport is Estonia’s largest state-owned airport, which is known as the cosiest airport in the world and has been repeatedly voted one of the airports with the best service in Europe. 1.3 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2021 and the company’s goal for 2022 is to serve 2.5 million passengers by the end of the year.



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