«Dinner in the Sky« brings winner of Bocuse d’Or to Estonia

During 12-17 August, the winner of prestigious world chef championship Bocuse d’Or, Norwegian chef Geir Skeie, and Finnish chef Matti Jämsen who also performed well in the same competition, will serve food in Tallinn as part of the Dinner in the Sky project.

Dinner in the Sky will take place in the Art Academy square (Tartu Maantee 1), ascends with Geir Skeie will be on 13 and 14 August.  "The August Dinner in the Sky event could be called the Bocuse d’Or special – both head chefs have gained high rankings in the world chef championship," says Risto Meigas, the head organiser of Dinner in the Sky.

Geir Skeie is one of the best chefs in the world, who won Bocuse d’Or, also known as "the culinary Olympics", in 2009. The renowned chef is mostly known for his seafood dishes. During Dinner in the Sky, he will also be serving fish and other seafood.

Prices vary, beginning from 58 euros, pre-booking is necessary.

Additional information: www.dinnerinthesky.ee



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