Exhibition - Portrait in Latvia. 20th century. Facial Expressions.

The exhibition will give an insight into the genre and its development, as well as compositional provisions and stylistic variations. The exhibition will portray iconography characteristic of the 20th century, which, compared to the genesis of historical portraits, is closer to our time.

The exhibition will feature outstanding pieces from the Latvian National Art Museum's collection, as well as from private collections - paintings, graphics, sculptures and photographs, as well as audiovisual art as the exhibition's design and scenography elements.

Works from the first half of the 20th century can be viewed in the Great Hall of the main building of the LNMA (artists – Janis Rozentāls, Johans Valters, Gustavs Šķilters, Jēkabs Kazaks, Jāzeps Grosvalds, Teodors Zaļkalns, Oto un Uga Skulmes, Valdemārs Tone, Ludolfs Liberts etc.). The exhibition continues in the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall where visitors can get an overall impression of the portrait in the second half of the century (authors – Jānis Pauļuks, Džemma Skulme, Imants Lancmanis, Miervaldis Polis, Līga Purmale, Maija Tabaka, Boriss Bērziņš, Biruta Baumane, Lea Davidova-Medene, Kārlis Zemdega, Kārlis Baumanis, Arta Dumpe, Jānis Mitrēvics, Gļebs Panteļejevs, Egons Spuris, Gunārs Binde, Inta Ruka etc.).




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