Dinner in the Sky ® will start to operate in Latvia

Dinner in the Sky ® will start to operate in Latvia already in June, 2011!

Residents and guests of Riga will be able to visit the Air Restaurant Dinner in the Sky®

From June 15 to June 18 in the very heart of Riga – the Old City next to Town Hall Square – city residents and visitors will have an opportunity to participate in a first-time event in Latvia called „Air Restaurant”, globally known as Dinner in the Sky®.

Dinner in the Sky® is a unique event which combines an incomparable experience with an outstanding gastronomic pleasure. The guests will be able to enjoy the unforgettable view from 50 m height together with friends, colleagues, exquisite dishes and drinks. In the beginning every visitor of the event will be welcomed in the VIP tent, where they will spend time in a pleasant atmosphere before the ascending and get the instructions for safe behaviour in the air restaurant. Afterwards everyone will be asked to take seats in the air restaurant and their belts will be fastened. It won’t affect the ability to turn the chair in 180 degree range to each side. The chef and waiter will be in the middle of the table in order to cook and serve the guests comfortably. Then the ascending to 50 m height will start to experience something unbelievable.

Dinner in the Sky® Chef Elmārs Tannis is very satisfied with the forthcoming project: „It is going to be a massive event, which has already taken place in cities like London, Dubai, Toronto, Las Vegas and many others. I have carefully studied the safety information and have made sure that the event has all the required safety certificates and the visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful view and gourmet meal without worry.

I and „Čarlstons” team have a great challenge to plan the menu for this event. I would like to pleasantly surprise our local residents, as well as show something special to the visitors from abroad. I will definitely use high quality Latvian and European products. If any vegetable, fruit or livestock grower can offer something really good, please contact the restaurant. We have a great honour to cooperate with Latvian producers.

If I have to answer the question what is my favourite dish, it is difficult. I better remember nice meals in a pleasant atmosphere with nice people, interesting conversations, positive mood and, of course, good food. Therefore, I welcome to try Dinner in the Sky®, as it is an opportunity to experience something special.”

Dinner in the Sky® offers three different tours: "Champagne in the Sky", "Lunch in the Sky", "Dinner in the Sky". 22 people can participate in each tour. Champagne in the Sky is an offer for the first half of the day with light snacks and champagne. The length of the tour in the sky – 20 minutes. Lunch in the Sky is a tour with appetizers, main course, dessert and matching drinks. The length of the tour in the sky – 40 minutes. But Dinner in the Sky begins with appetizers followed by salad, main course, dessert and matching drinks. The length of the tour in the sky – 60 minutes.

Dinner in the Sky® is a project that corresponds to two golden rules: exclusivity and safety. We offer our clients exclusive entertainment in compliance with the highest safety standards. All the concepts have been developed according to German norm DIN 4112. The products are built in Belgium under the strict control of Rheinland TÜV. This consistent compliance with safety norms is one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky® is already operating in more than 15 coutries and has obtained licences from state institutions in USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

Additional information
Dinner in the Sky ® platform has built-in infrared heaters. If needed, you may ask our waiters to bring plaid for ensuring additional warmth. Dinner in the Sky ® meals are insured against bad weather. If the wind speed is expected to exceed 15m/s, there is heavy rain or unusually low air temperature, that particular meal gets cancelled and reservation money is refunded to the guests.




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