Edible amber from the Latvian artist Karīna Šišlo

Latvia's traditional souvenir - amber - is now available not only in beautiful ornaments, paintings or crockery, but also as candy! Edible amber is identical to the real sun stone, however, its ingredients are natural juices, produced in Latvia, malt, candied quince and cranberries - completely ecological products.

Many people have held these warm and shiny pieces of amber in their hands and thought that they look so sweet and tempting, just like candy. Karīna Šišlo, the artist behind edible amber, embraced her fantasy and breathed life into this comparison, creating delicious sweets that look like amber.

This unique souvenir has received "The Annual Design Award" and is included in the shopping catalogue of the national airline "AirBaltic”. It can be bought in the airport's "Tax Free" zone and Old Town Rīga's green studio "Pienene" (7/9 Kungu Street), which sells almost everything that is natural, beautiful and produced in Latvia. Sweet amber is also available in "Aromātu pasaule” stores and "Suvenīri" boutiques in Rīga's Old Town (8 Mazā Jaunavu Street and 2 Vaļņu Street), Tea & Coffee Garden (Grēcinieku 28).

Amber is fossilized tree resin formed millions of years ago. Its unique appearance includes a feature attraction - an insect encapsulated. Since amber contains animal and plant material, it is said to hold the power of eternal youth.





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