Poland's largest tour operator ITAKA now - in Latvia!

RIGA, LATVIA, 10.03.2023. Dear travelers, Poland's largest tour operator ITAKA is now in Latvia!
ITAKA was founded in 1989 in Poland. Its dynamic development has made ITAKA the largest tour operator in
Poland since 2012. ITAKA has made several different updates to its operations: interesting excursion programs,
new destinations and new modern platforms have been created for selling tourism products. Since its
foundation, ITAKA has been focused on realizing company and travelers dreams and ambitions.

Experience and market knowledge make us a reliable company and an exciting tour operator.
“This year, we will be inviting Baltic travelers and seekers of inspiration to new and unique destinations. We
will offer leisure and sightseeing trips with charter flights, as well as possibility for travelers to combine their
own travel program - in this way everyone will be able to choose the most suitable, fastest, and most
comfortable way of travelling", - said Leonids Mocenovs, CEO of ITAKA Latvija.

Charter flights from Riga to Thassos, Greece will be available from 21st of May and to Albania from 01st of June.
Other new destinations will be available with flights from Vilnius (Lithuania) and Warsaw (Poland).

With ITAKA the world is beautiful!




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