SAS opens a new route between Palanga and Oslo

At the end of this month Scandinavian Airlines SAS increases company capacity in Lithuania by the way of introducing a new route between Palanga and Oslo on October 31, and from October 30 increases the number of passenger seats on the routes to Copenhagen both from Vilnius and Palanga.

From October 31 Palanga - Oslo route will be operated with 3 weekly frequencies (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), with the capacity of 113 seat „Boeing 736”. From October 30 the capacity on Copenhagen route will be also increased: by 38 passenger seats on Vilnius – Copenhagen route daily and by 76 passenger seats on Palanga – Copenhagen daily. Passengers on the routes to Copenhagen will fly with 88 seats „CRJ900 NextGen” by „Bombardier“.

“We hold strong position in the Western Lithuania, Palanga airport and we are aiming to make our position even stronger by the way of offering a new route to Oslo. Also, we see the increased demand on Copenhagen route, therefore from the end of this month we are offering more passenger seats from both Vilnius and Palanga”, says Ruta Juciene, SAS Representative Manager, Lithuania.

R.Juciene pointed out that SAS passengers not only choose Copenhagen as their final destination but also as a transit point to reach their final destinations. Within Europe SAS passengers often fly via Copenhagen to Stockholm, Oslo, Brussels, London or Paris, and among the long-haul routes Chicago, New York and Tokyo are the most popular ones.

For the moment SAS is operating 20 weekly flights between Vilnius and Copenhagen and 13 weekly flights between Palanga and Copenhagen. After the new route to Oslo with the 3 weekly frequencies is opened, this will be the biggest number of SAS weekly flights ever operated from Lithuania, coming up to the figure of 36.

For the last three years Scandinavian Airlines SAS are identified as the most punctual airlines in Europe, and in July and August this year SAS became the most punctual airline in the world.




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