Riga Airport is Involved in an International Study on the Impact of Innovative Low-emission Aircraft Technologies on the Environment Near Airports

Riga Airport has concluded a cooperation agreement in an international study on the use of low-emission aircraft technologies and the possibilities of reducing air pollution and noise emissions near the airport with the help of innovative technologies.

The project Integration and Digital Demonstration of Low Emission Aircraft Technologies and Airport Operations (INDIGO) will be implemented by ten collaborating organizations in five countries, including the University Carlos III of Madrid in Spain, the Universities of Strathclyde and Bristol in Great Britain, the Bochum Technical University in Germany, the German Aerospace Research Centre, Italian Aerospace Research Centre, and Riga Airport.

"Real progress towards aviation sustainability is possible only in the process of knowledge transfer and cooperation between academic science, creators of innovations and practitioners who manage processes at airports on a daily basis. We are pleased that it is Riga Airport that becomes the reference airport in the study, which is carried out by internationally highly rated partners and whose main goal is a sustainable aviation industry," says Laila Odiņa, Chairperson of the Board of Riga Airport.

For the purposes of the project, Riga Airport will collect aircraft noise measurements and atmospheric model data, participate in the development of air quality and noise assessment indicators, definition of data sources in other airports and development of airport operations scenario and impact assessment.

The aim of the INDIGO project is to determine the potential benefits what would be ensured from the use of a new type of medium-sized aircraft powered by hybrid electric propulsion and able to fly ultra-quiet and with minimal emissions near airports but using conventional or sustainable aviation fuel – at higher altitudes – for improving air quality and reducing noise levels near airports. The project is financed by the Horizon programme of the European Union.





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