Body restart in Jūrmala Spa and medical centres

When the big festivities are over and peace is all around, the body just begs—I need a moment to take a breath! The beginning of a new year, when everything in nature is frozen, it's the right time to take a moment for YOURSELF!
With the start of a new year, many people are committed to a healthy lifestyle. Jūrmala, as a resort rich in traditions, boasts not only 22 km of sun-drenched beaches, but in autumn and winter the Jūrmala Spa and medical centres offer diverse and unique recovery and DETOX treatments.

The healing power of salt
In winter (November-March), when respiratory illnesses are particularly acute, we strongly recommend taking time to meditate in the salt room, which helps removing toxins and other harmful substances from the body. With the help of special apparatus, mineral particles in a gaseous state are released into the air, entering the body and promoting a faster recovery in case of respiratory diseases, strengthening immunity, detoxification and restoration of the body. A visit to the salt room is particularly beneficial for children with chronic respiratory diseases. Salt room visits in Jūrmala are offered by such SPA centres as Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA, Lielupe by Semarah Hotels, hotel Villa st. Maria and Boutique SPA Hotel & Resort Pegasa Pils. A special massage with Himalayan salt hot stones is offered by Hotel Jūrmala SPA. It provides a pleasant and relaxing sensation while balancing the energy flow, promoting the body's detoxification processes.

The magic of amber
Scientists have shown that the Baltic Sea's yellow gem—amber—can promote better health. When heated to a certain temperature, it releases succinic acid, activating the metabolic processes that every human body needs. The amber sauna has a positive effect on the nervous system and stress relief. It is particularly recommended for teenagers and children. In Jūrmala, the Amber Sauna is available at Hotel Villa st.Maria, while Hotel Jūrmala SPA offers a massage with amber stones that relieves stress from the muscles and mind and has a balancing effect on the nervous system, but Lielupe by Semarah Hotels offers a special amber therapy during which you will experience a light body exfoliation with amber chips and fine amber powder followed by a toning massage with amber stones.

Cold, tar, turpentine, and antlers
Cryotherapy or cold capsule. Modern technology using cooled nitrogen (down to -160˚). The treatment activates metabolic processes, promotes the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, promotes the removal of excess fluid from the body, promotes the production of your own collagen and elastin, and much more.

We are used to tar being used in construction and know little about its healing properties. Natural extracts of ginseng, beetroot, mint and chamomile are added to the birch tar used in the spas. It has a beneficial effect on normalising metabolism, reducing inflammation of internal organs, reducing pathological skin processes, improving skin appearance, and normalising blood glucose levels. How about trying a tar bath?

Conifer resin—another natural product with an underrated or long-forgotten healing effect. Resin turpentine activates metabolism, normalises cardiovascular functions, regulates blood pressure, helps reduce stress, activates the body's defences, and significantly speeds up recovery processes. A turpentine bath is an effective treatment for cold and bronchitis. It is also recommended to be included in weight loss programmes. Did you know that reindeer antlers have very valuable healing properties? The so-called Maral's horns are good for the immune system, improving blood composition and lowering arterial pressure. They have toning, strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent natural and non-addictive anti-depressant that helps the body to adapt to overload and monotonous work conditions, increases mental and physical performance and has a positive effect on sexual functions. Enjoy the Marals' horn extract baths, combined with ozone, as well as many other unique body restart treatments at Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA in Jūrmala.

DETOX package programmes
Jūrmala spas offer special programmes to help your body cleanse and prepare properly for the new beach season. Such package body cleansing programmes are also recommended for those who have suffered a serious illness and need to rejuvenate the body by eliminating all the slags and toxins that have accumulated during the illness.

For years, one of the most popular DETOX programmes is the 3-day long programme “Juice magic” at the Jaunķemeri Rehabilitation Centre. The programme includes a doctor and physiotherapist consultation, treatments in the healing waters and baths of Ķemeri, and a menu of seasonal fruit and vegetable juices and light snacks that are specially tailored to restart the body. Both young girls and older ladies will enjoy this programme. For those who want to focus more seriously on physical and mental recovery, Jaunķemeri specialists have prepared a special 5-day program “Restart Your Health”. This will be a comprehensive and all-inclusive body restart programme, featuring both therapeutic treatments and invigorating Nordic walking sessions by the sea.

Rituals for body restart
For those in a hurry, whose work schedule prevents them from taking a few days off to rest and restart, we offer at least a few hours of peace and relaxation. This season, Kurshi Hotel & SPA offers the winter ritual “A Touch of Warmth”– a face and body ritual that includes an exfoliating, deeply relaxing massage with grapefruit essential oil, improving overall well-being while awakening your inner resources. At the end of the ritual, a face or head massage will leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed and calm. Lielupe by Semarah Hotels also offers "working day" spa rituals for those in a hurry. Just 2-3 hours and you'll feel like you've been born again.

Hotel Jūrmala SPA Detoxification treatment deeply cleanses the skin and removes toxins from the body, and has a draining effect that is great for reducing body circumference and shaping the figure. The treatment includes ionic detoxification, body exfoliation and detoxifying body wrap, while the Spa Health Capsule pampers the body with a Vichy water shower massage, gently caresses the body with steam and infrared touches to help get rid of almost 600 kcal, while music and light therapy can make the treatment a real treat.

Choose the right treatment for you and regenerate in Jūrmala!





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