Series of Concerts «The Ring of Latvia» Dedicated to the Centenary of Latvia

There are less than two years left until the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia on 18 November 2018.  The prize winner of many international competitions — the Latvian Radio Choir has undertaken to implement one of the most impressive projects dedicated to the centenary of the Latvian State "The Ring of Latvia".

In a two-year period, 16 concert performances are planned to take place in four concert halls of Latvia: at the Embassy of Latgale "Gors", Concert Hall "Cēsis", Jelgava Culture Centre and Liepāja Concert Hall "The Great Amber".

The intent is based on the idea about 4 conceptual musical bodies or rings that will emphasise and show the distinctive features, richness and energy of all 4 cultural and historical regions of Latvia from the viewpoint of locals.

The Latvian Radio Choir and its artistic director and conductor Sigvards Kļava have always stood out with their bold creative plans and this series of concerts promises to be the same. The "ring" of each region will be created by a creative team, inviting also the Latvian Radio Big Band, Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and other musicians to accompany the choir signing.

"The Ring of Latgale" concert performance "Patterns and Sound" will take place this spring; "The Ring of Kurzeme" concert performance "Blow, Wind" will cheer listeners in November; "The Ring of Vidzeme" musical performance "The Mountain Will Go Up" is expected in April 2018, while "The Ring of Zemgale" film concert "In the Flood of History" will premier in October 2018.

The series of concert performances will start with the concert performance "Patterns and Sound" dedicated to Latgale. It will combine the folk song and the Holy Scriptures intertwine, feature performances by ethno-musicians and priests, and include live voices and archive records are used. The concert performance is based on the fragments of the Calendar hand-written by Latgalian litterateur, bibliophile and the most prominent representative of Latgalian hand-written book publishing Andrivs Jūrdžs.

Conductor Sigvards Kļava tells about his cherished idea: "I do not stop admiring our nation, I do not stop admiring our people! Their wells are so deep; the water from which we can quench our thirst is so life-defining. Once these four regions are put together, the picture might be a lot more beautiful than we feel it here in Riga".


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