Gauja Raftsmen Festival in Strenci

Visit Strenci and take part in the only Raftsmen Festival in the Baltics, in May 20. During the festival, you can learn all about the traditions of raftsmen in Latvia, and join a good dance in the open-air party, as the evening comes to conclusion.

The event will begin already two days in advance, when the raft will be made at the Spicu bridge, and two days of rafting along the River Gauja will take place from Spicu bridge to the Old Oak in Strenci.

On the day of the festival, fair will be held in the open-air stage of Strenci, as well as waiting for the raft at the Old Oak.

During the festival, you will be able to step onto the raft and taste the Raftsmen's Soup and joy of Raft, and various merry activities in the spirit of raftsmen will be available both to the children and adults.

Throughout the day an extensive culture programme is offered, but from the evening to the very dawn of the morning you will be able to have your fill of dances in the open air.




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