The visitors' favorite festival of light returns to Vilnius with an illuminated route

One of the most anticipated events of the year, the Festival of Lights, is finally returning and starts from 13th to 15th august after the annual break caused by the pandemic. August illuminated Vilnius, Lithuania. Artists from Lithuania and five other countries will present around 20 lighting works of art and other lighting solutions in the city: rainbow aluminum cubes, technically complex illuminated walls and various complex lighting art designs.

After the annual break caused by the global pandemic, from 13th to 15th August, the visitors' favorite Festival of Light returns to illuminate the streets of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Last year, the festival was attended by about 200 thousand visitors, making it one of the most visited summer events.

This time, Lithuanian and well-known lighting artists from five European countries - from Great Britain, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands and France - will present the works created during the year, combining around 20 unusual lighting installations and other creative lighting solutions that will light up the city's streets, squares and culture. historical sites as well as greenery.

For example, Hypar Collective from the Netherlands will demonstrate the Hypar light installation - illuminated aluminum cubes that symbolize the synergy between technology and nature, while radiating rainbow colors to respect everyone's rights and choices. One of the most famous Lithuanian light artists, Vejas Aliukas, whose endless work "Knot" was last year's most popular work, will enchant visitors this summer with a complex installation "Connection", which represents the ability to connect, regenerate and adapt to different conditions.

The location of all installations will simply be found in an application specifically designed for visitors to enjoy views of nature and the urban environment as they traverse the old town, new parts of the city, squares and green areas. For example, the newly renovated Reformed Garden - the 400-year-old symbol of the Lithuanian Reformation - will connect the Old Town and the new part of the city - presenting the installation of the English artist Jacer’s Wall by Parker Heyl. This work of art is created with analog electronics and unpredictable mechanical systems.

The festival started in 2019, in honor of Vilnius' birthday on January 25, when Lithuanian Prince Gediminas mentioned the city in one of his letters, thus adding Vilnius to the map of Europe in 1323. Despite the fact that this was originally a winter event, the pandemic made adjustments and the organizers canceled the festival until the summer. The new date, August 15, also marks the reception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in heaven - a Lithuanian holiday that combines both pagan and Christian traditions and a symbolic religion of both. As much as the event is held in August, it will be even brighter and more colorful, with a focus on the summer color palette.

Last year, the event drew national attention with unexpected, illuminated works of art - huge, radiant face masks, a light-filled maze, rainbow-colored narrow streets and rays of light over Gediminas Tower, a 15th-century castle, a symbol of Vilnius.

Given that the festival allows visitors to visit different parts of Vilnius in search of light installations, it also provides an opportunity to discover new places, such as new districts, which are especially emphasized in the new tourism marketing campaign "Sensational Vilnius." For example, Paupja district, which is located next to the bohemian Užupis district and is one of the newest, most modern districts of Vilnius, where a lighted city tour with two installations by Lithuanian artist Linarts Urniežis will also start.

Visitors to the Festival of Light are encouraged to follow safety recommendations, social distance and use face masks.

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