Your travel destination - Ignalina!


Your travel destination is Ignalina - the kingdom of and forests in Eastern Lithuania. It is located just 30 km from the border of Latvia and Lithuania if you go from Daugavpils side! It’s a special place for tourists, active sports lovers and peaceful nature seekers.

Ignalina is a town surrounded by 8 lakes. No matter which path you take, you reach a lake. There are 200 lakes in the entire Ignalina district! Clean water, beautiful nature, mild climate and snowy winters – tat attract people the most. When you arrive to Ignalina, don’t forget to visit the Ignalina Tourism Information Centre, located in Ateities str. 18A, Ignalina. You will get an advice what to do and what to visit according your plans and wishes.

Aukštaitija is the largest ethnographic region of North-Eastern Lithuania. In 1974 (the 1st in Lithuania) a national park was established here in order to preserve the region's unique landscape, ecosystem, natural and cultural values.
Here are are many forests rich by flora and fauna. The mounds are resembling of the old days when wooden defensive castles stood here. The most famous mound is Ladakalnis and it is 176 meters high. The view from the top of the hill opens a magnificent view of the six lakes around it.

The heart of Aukštaitija National Park is Palūšė village. There you can find a wooden church, which is one of the oldest still existing churches in Lithuania. The village is located next to Lake Lūšiai which covers 355 ha. In summer, this small village comes to life. Many festivals and concerts are held here. The beaches are full of people enjoying the sun and water. In winter it is more quiet, as the lake is often frozen over. Everyone looks forward to the biggest traditional festival "Trauk stintelę" which is related to an ancient local way of catching fish (in Latvian it is Salaka).

Another very popular place of Aukštaitija National park is the Museum of Ancient Beekeeping in Stripeikiai village. This ancient widespread craft in our region, bees and the folklore related to them fascinates visitors. On the way to Stripeikiai, don’t forget to stop in Ginučiai village, where you can find an ancient watermill with a museum, a waterfall that makes you feel as if you have been born again, a small beach and several places to eat.
Tourists who like an active holiday in nature, can visit observation towers, ethnographic villages, manors, take a walk on trails in the wilderness and enjoy water activities.

People who don’t have this kind of environment often says that Ignalina is paradise on earth.
We do have paradise! We invite you to visit the village, which has a museum with a large apple orchard. The researcher and inventor of different apple varieties, named Adam Hrebnickis lived here at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. You will be amazed by the harmony between nature and a man in this unique place.

Ignalina's surroundings invite you to enjoy nature, water sports, boating, cycling, fishing, flying, skiing or relaxing in rural tourism cottages. Experience history, fly over the lakes, overcome the fear of heights and see the picturesque and breathtaking panorama of lakes and forests, listen to the sounds of nature's music and cool down in lakes in hot summer days. Ignalina is always waiting for you.

Here are just a little information about beautiful Ignalina region. In the following articles and posts we will tell You more.



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