Big Moscow State Circus in Riga

"Around the World in Two Hours" - international circus programme with the best circus traditions in the world. Circus productions are performed high in the dome, as well as in the round-shaped arena. Exciting circus shows with animals, colourful costumes, dances, and clowns. Everything for the joy and entertainment of the audience.

The Moscow State Circus artists - Yuri and Natalia Alexandrovy - are great animal trainers. They have managed to teach unique tricks and reveal intellectual abilities of the bears. Their bears not only knows how to dance, spin hula hoops, turn somersaults, juggle the balls and walk by manage barrier, but also are able to solve mathematical examples and find the right way for ball through the maze.

In Riga Circus – artists will perform in new style. In circus ring will be created a scene from old black and white films with famous Charlie Chaplin. Yuri Alexandrov himself will step into the role of Charlie Chaplin, while Natalie will be a charming flower seller, but three bears will be police officers. Stylized music, costumes and magnificent depiction of the artist all together creates a unique charm of the old films.

Date: 31.01 - 16.03.2014
Venue: Rīgas cirks /Riga Circus
Address: Merķeļa iela 4, Rīga, LV-1050




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