New offer from Vilnius – night excursion dedicated to the crisis

In spite of that many of us now think that economical crisis has reached Lithuania for the first time, we have to admit that historically such moments have happened more than once. You can get to know about the crises, which Vilnius has got through, during the night excursion – “Economical Night”, which is organized by Vaiduokliai tourism agency.

The directress of the tourism agency Marta Zotikova admits that the recent crisis has become an integral part of the present life, wherewith it was decided to tell about economical difficulties that the capital city of Lithuania has already experienced. The crisis is similar to the night: for ones it is a time of rest, for others – time of fear and gnats, but for the others – awareness, that it is time for hunting. Still, what is crisis? What has had Vilnius experienced? How did people get through the crisis? It is interesting to look back into the history and to get to know what decisions were made previously, and what decisions could be useful in nowadays.

The first excursion has already taken place in the middle of July. It started at 9.00 p.m., and its visitors were introduced to economical issues. How did these issues affect the architecture of the city? How did the owners of restaurants and pubs try to attract visitors? What kinds of games were popular? The creators of the excursion are “armed” with interesting stories. At the end of the excursion it was possible to taste home-brewed beer in a pub.

Excursion fee is 30 LTL (8.71 euro), and the tickets you can also buy on the Internet:

Vaiduokliai is the only one tourism agency in Lithuania, which organizes night excursions.




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