Slow Food Farmers’ Markets welcome you

When visiting foreign countries, tourists enjoy strolling local farmers and arts/crafts markets, as they seem to best reflect the traditions, and give the opportunity to sample local ethnic cuisine. In Riga’s Berga Bazārs, farmers gather from all four provinces, offering their biologically-produced food products and their Slow Food home-grown treats. It is more than just a market, it is a ritual, as customers are able to chat with the farmers-vendors about the products nutritional value, etc.

Atmosphere is key here. The Slow Food movement protects eco-regional culinary traditions, food plants and seeds thereof, domestic animals, and specific regional agricultural methods.

Market days in Berga Bazārs – February 27, March 13 and 27.

Slow Food markets are held elsewhere in Latvia too, for instance in Vidzeme province’s Straupe – every first and last Sunday of the month. Customers especially like that the market is located roadside – on the Inčukalns-Valmiera highway. Products are from local Straupe County farms and gardens.

More info: Baltic tourism market expert Marita Neimane




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