Clinic of Dermatology begins using latest 3D liposuction method

The Clinic of Dermatology in Riga has implemented a new body and facial correction method, developed by the Belgian company EUROMI, with the latest 3D liposuction technology EVA sp® 6, which emits infrasound into the adipose tissue. Furthermore, it allows the removal of up to 5 liters of fat without any danger to health.

Scientists have developed an innovative technology, as tubes attached to the vacuum device are able to perform three-dimensional motions. They simultaneously operate in three directions: they rotate, move up/down and forward. This procedure takes place with high frequency, but with minimum amplitude. Thus, the surrounding tissue and blood vessels suffer minimum trauma and there is almost zero risk of any embolism, edema, and hemorrhage, as well as a risk of deterioration of skin elasticity. The fat-separation is supplemented by a low-frequency infrasound. In comparison with the traditional suction-method, the surgeon has to face less physical workload. Thus, the surgeon can operate with maximum accuracy and the outcome is excellent even in case of an extensive surgery.

The surgery is computer-guided – the high quality suction system allows the supervision of the removed amounts in different areas; it is able to constantly supervise the overall removed amount and repeatedly examine any of the areas already treated. For example, thighs may be treated with an increased power but area below the chin – with lesser power.

The liposuction takes place under local anesthesia – only those skin areas where 3-4 mm incisions are made in order to introduce the tubes are treated with analgesia. It is not necessary to induce a narcosis. After the surgery, the patient must put on special compression clothing which must be worn 24 hours for two weeks. The patient can immediately get up and go home as it is not necessary to stay at the hospital.




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