Healthy hemp-seed butter

Sometimes called "Latvia’s black caviar ", hemp-seed spread is a traditional Latvian butter. For many in Latvia, the tasty spread is an everyday condiment with meals. For others, it is a delicacy which is put on the table only on special occasions. It is also often given as a gift to put on the table when visiting friends or relatives.

Like regular butter, hemp-seed spread tastes great on bread, but is also used for other foods like potatoes, peas and cottage cheese. Furthermore, it is also very healthy because it has many important vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids and trace elements that are necessary for the human organism.

Hemp-seed spread can be purchased in many of Latvia’s larger markets, farmer’s markets, like at the Kalnciems Quarter market on Saturdays, as well as shops which sell natural food products. Some retail store chains also sell hemp-seed spread.

Meanwhile, the Adzelvieši farm-stead offers visitors to get acquainted with the process of how hemp-seed spread is made. In one of the farm’s historical buildings, hemp-seed spread has been produced for four generations. The farm grows hemp from which it produces hemp butter, roughly ground seeds, as well as hemp oil. The farm’s granary, which is 101 years old, features antique instruments once used to process hemp fibers. Visitors can taste and purchase delicious hemp products and take an exciting tour which tells about the history of hemp farming.




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