Contemporary Art Event “White Night 2010”

The 5th contemporary art event know as “White Night 2010” will take place during the night of September 4, presenting 12 theatre, music, movement and visual art projects and performances. This year's event is based on two principles - “Do it yourself” and “Join in”.

The White Night forum is organized by Riga City Council Culture Department in collaboration with the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, and the events of the forum are arranged by the most active culture organizations in Latvia, including a whole lot of artists both from Latvia and abroad.

White Night is one of the most democratic and widely-attended culture events in Riga. It aims to increase understanding of contemporary culture and has been successful in reaching this aim in the previous years. As observed, White Night events attract over 30 thousand inhabitants and guests of Riga city and break down barriers between age groups, nationalities, interest and knowledge background.

The programme presents the “Long Bean” project together with the “White Night” garden at Rīga’s Botanical Garden, the “Complaints Choir” project, an idea borrowed from Finland, the windowsill “Folk Pharmacy”, and other creative projects, among them the traditional “Videography” and “Sound Forest” projects organised by radio NABA.

The “Survival Kit” project will be the largest and most diverse among those showcased at the “White Night 2010”. It will present original projects in many places in Rīga offering ideas on alternative economics, ecology and positive utopia.

White Night is a part of the international project White Nights Europe started by five European capitals – Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Riga and Rome. In Riga it has been a tradition for five years. Each participating city includes works by notable artists from other participants in its program of White Night. Now also other European capitals have joined the party, namely Amsterdam, Bucharest, Porto and Valletta, and Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal, Chicago and other cities are now overseas members of the network.

The public of White Night can be described as socially active and open-minded. Mostly it is young people up to the age of 35, also families with children and guests of Riga who are interested in contemporary culture, but seniors can also be spotted in the White Night crowd quite often.

Entrance to all White Night events is free of charge.




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