Baltic Travel Group in cooperation with airBaltic and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia staged an amazing event in Musée d’Orsay in Paris

Latvians are in love with Paris; they enjoy visiting countryside of France and enjoy the local wine and cuisine, but at the same time for most of French people little mysterious streets and Art Nouveau of the Baltics are still a well-hidden secret.  To encourage collaboration between France and Latvia on 24th of May, Baltic Travel Group together with airBaltic and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia staged an event for representatives of Paris tourism businesses.

The aim of the event was to build a closer collaboration between the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) and art state France. Together more than 40 Paris tourism companies’ representatives attended this event.

During the reception, there were not only presentations about Latvia and the Baltics but also an excursion through expositions and delicious feasts.  The dates of this event were not set by accident, because in the same dates there is an exhibition "Wild Souls. Symbolism in the Baltic States" (Âmes sauvages. Le symbolisme dans les pays baltes), which is comprehensive work of all three of the Baltic States.

Also in the Musée d’Orsay from 3rd of April till 29th of May a music festival “Musica Baltica” which is all about cinema, animation movies, and other ways of art from the Baltic States, that are telling the story about past and future, hopes, and dreams and how big part of an identity it is for Europe.

The growth of tourism industry for the Baltic States means not only new horizons but also growth for different industries within international levels. Working with French market would be a great goal for any country. Baltic Travel Group aspires to show how much the Baltic States can do from the moment they developed until the moment they will celebrate their centenary. Actually, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania have been a huge part of writing the history of Europe as it is now. Therefore, this was a great opportunity to show, educate and present the Baltics in its glory. This event was a great opportunity to be proud of ourselves not only in our own countries but also to show to the world how talented, powerful and amazing we are! Spread the news about the Baltics! The exhibition festival and the event for Paris travel companies’ representatives is a unique chance for Latvia's name to spread overseas!


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